BraintreeTrack Session -Saturday 9am

9 August 2017 - By Martyn Byford

Everyone in the Club has the endurance to run 10k so my focus is on increasing leg speed and VO2 Max ( the ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen to those muscles helping them to work more efficiently and so run faster) with the Langham 10k in mind.

The core session will consist of two 20 minute Blocks based on 400 metres reps and will be thus;

Block 1 – 200 metres 5k pace, 100 metre sprint, 100 metre jog/walk

3 minute rest – please bring liquid refreshment

Block 2 – 150 metre 5k pace, 150 sprint, 100 metre jog/walk.

There will be colour flags at 150, 200, 300 and 400 metre points

The session is suitable for every single member and will last one hour and will consist of my usual 5 segments – Warm up, drills, main session, warm down and static stretches.

Please bring a towel and something to change in to afterwards.

I will go straight to the Track so please pay the £2.95 at reception. For those of you that are members of Fusion there is no charge so please just show your membership card.

I look forward to seeing you at 9am on Saturday however if anyone has any questions please contact me or post on our Facebook Page.



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