Boxing Day Volunteer positions and time and instructions:

23 December 2022 - By James Attenborough

Firstly, thank you all for volunteering to help out at the BD5 – without you we would not have a race at all. There’s been a slight reshuffle since my post earlier today on Facebook.

Below is a:

  • List of Volunteers and your roles. This also shows the time we’ll need you at the Rugby Club to collect your bib and move to your position etc
  • Course Map and Marshal positions
  • Marshall roles at the positions

Course set up: Please ensure the race parking signs are done first.

Please can all volunteers park at the football club to allow the car park for the Van, coffee man, first aider and timing company.

Parking for the runners will be at the Leisure Centre and the Hockey pitches car park, David Carey is the lead. Please ensure all runners are directed to the car parks and then If they fill up, then to park courteously on local roads. I suggest filling the Leisure Centre first then the Hockey pitches car park. Please ensure they are with the race before they park.

Please get to the Rugby club to get your high viz jacket then once Ian has done the Marshal briefing (9am) feel free to grab yourself a coffee (the club is funding one free drink for every volunteer, please mention you’re a member of WRC!) before heading to your position. Please ensure you are all in position at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the race unless your position stipulates earlier. For those in cars, car 1 and car 2, please organise the driver between you.

 Please also collect any litter you may see runners dropping. (perhaps keep a small bin bag in your pocket).

If you need to leave whilst the race is on, please park on the local roads.

The First Aiders have a full list of your contact numbers and positions on the road, so if you do ever have to call them quote your name and Marshall position for clarity.

The weather forecast is currently set to be grey and cold so make sure you dress accordingly.

Also please also remember we have a lot of non-affiliated runners who may be interested in joining us please let them know we offer a 50% discount on membership until the end of March. Therefore just £15 after their free trial.

Finally, the more volunteers we have help cleaning the quicker we can all go home/to the pub! If you can stay to help with the clean-up, please bring your cleaning equipment if you can help!

Any questions – just ask.

A finally – have a fabulous Christmas Day!!

James Attenborough

Boxing Day 5 Volunteer Requirements
Race Director 07:30 James Attenborough
Chief Marshal 08:00 Ian Lucas Pudding 09:00 Leanne Andrews
Lead Parking 08:00 David Carey
Lead HQ setup 07:45 James Montgomery
Lead Course setup 07:45 Andrew Read
Course Marshals HQ (In and Out) setup
A 08:45 Graham Eyre A 07:45 Leanne Andrews
B 08:45 Pete Banks B 07:45 James Montgomery
C 08:45 David Jobling C 07:45 Theresa Montgomery
D 08:45 Mark Austin D 07:45 Clive Smith
E 08:45 Alex Stuckey
F 08:45 Liz Stuckey Post Finish
G 08:45 Andy Watson Water 10:00 Oliver Attenborough
H1 (spa road shops) 08:45 Gerry Greenwold Water 10:00 Oliver Andrews
H 08:45 Beth Shippey Water 10:00 Dean Whittaker
I 08:45 Clive Smith Water 10:00 Beth Shippey
J 08:45 Sam Hajder Water 10:00 Gary Elson
K 08:45 Rich Green
L 08:45 Trevor Johnson Runner registration
M 08:45 Anita Grainger 1 car Number Collection A 08:00 Helen Rollason Volunteer
N 08:45 Simon Cresswell Number Collection B 08:00 Fiona Collins
O 08:45 Jen Mayes Number Collection C 08:00 Celine Elson
P 08:45 Colin Short Number Collection D 08:00 Jodee Mayer
Q 08:45 Matt Jordan 1 Car Late Entries 08:00 Kerry Townsend
R 08:45 Paul Jiggins Late Entries 08:00 Karen Flowers
S 08:45 James Montgomery Late Entries 08:00 Sarah Naughton
T 08:45 Nicola Digby
U 08:45 Andrew Read Course Set Up Andrew Read
V 08:45 Gen Lock A 08:00 Paul Jiggins
W – START/FINISH 08:45 Theresa Montgomery B 08:00 Pete Coates
X – START/FINISH 08:45 Angela Read C 08:00 Scott Darney
Y – START/FINISH 08:45 Sarah Naughton D 08:00 Helen Rollason Volunteer
Z – START/FINISH 08:45 E 08:00 Sam Hajder
Road to Rugby club 08:45 Fiona Collins F 08:00 Colin Short
Lead Bike 09:00 Dean Whittaker Lead David Carey
Tail Runner 09:00 Ann Johnson A 08:00 Mark Austin
B 08:00 Peter Banks
C 08:00 Will Radley
Cleaning Leads D 08:00 Ross Silverton
A 11:00 Will Radley E 08:00
B 11:00 Lysia Jiggins F 08:00
C 11:00 Ross Silverton
D 11:00 Baggage 08:15 Lysia Jiggins
08:15 Gen Lock
Chip Cutters 09:45 Kev Harper 08:15 Angela Read
09:45 Celine Elson
09:45 Zoe Coppin Photographer 08:45 David Grainger
Announcer 09:30 Scott Darney Tshirts post race 09:45 Sasha Rush
10:00 Jodee
10:00 Karen Flowers


Ref Location Function
Marshall A Blunts Hall Road/Stevens Rd Stop Vehicles from Stevens Rd
Marshall B Blunts Hall Road/Spinks Lane Stop Vehicles from Blunts Hall
Marshall C Blunts Hall Road/Spinks Lane Stop Vehicles from Spinks Lane Road closure phone Ian Lucas
Marshall D Highfields Road/Cuppers Close Stop Vehicles from Cuppers Close
Marshall E Highfields Road/Guithavon Road Stop Vehicles from Guithavon Road
Marshall F Highfields Road/Spa Road Stop Vehicles from Highfields Road  / Direct into driveway Change direction of sign
Marshall G Spa Road/Humber Road Stop Vehicles from Humber Road / Junction with FC
Marshall H Spa Road / entrance to shops Stop Vehicles from juntion of Spa Rd shops
Marshall I Spa Road/Powers Hall End (Roundabout) Direct Runners Along Flora Road
Marshall J Flora Road/Powers Hall End (Roundabout) Stop Vehicles from Powers Hall End
Marshall K Flora Road/Powers Hall End (Roundabout) Stop Vehicles from Powers Hall End
Marshall L Flora Road/Powers Hall End (Roundabout) Stop Vehicles from Powers Hall End
Marshall M Flora Road/Rosebay Close Stop Vehicles from Rosebay Close
Marshall N Faulkbourne Road/Powers Hall End Slow Vehicles from Faulkbourne Road
Marshall O Faulkbourne Road/Powers Hall End Direct Runners left onto Faulkbourne Rd
Marshall P Queen Vic Pub
Marshall Q Queen Vic Pub Stop Vehicles from Terling Road
Marshall R Terling Road/Peg Millers Lane Direct Runners & Stop Vehicles Peg Millers
Marshall S Terling Road/Dancing Dicks Direct Runners & Stop Vehicles Terling Rd
Marshall T Dancing Dicks right hand bend Direct runners to stay on left side First 10 runners send text
Marshall U Dancing Dicks/Blunts Hall Road Direct Runners & Stop Vehicles
Marshall V Blunts Hall Road right hand bend Direct runners to stay on left side
Marshall’s Times
09:00 Brief
9:30 Marshalls A, B & C
9:45 All Marshalls in Position

BD5 Marshall Points

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