Boxing Day 5 Volunteers needed!

4 December 2023 - By James Attenborough

Good Evening All,

The Boxing Day 5 race is back again and the committee and I would like to get as many early confirmed volunteers as possible. Partners and family members are welcome, you can put their name in too below, with their permission of course…

The race will start at 10.30am, so course set up will start from 08:00, with registration provisionally opening at 09:00am. We will likely all be able to go home/to the pub by around 12.30pm.

Marshals will be required from 9.30-11.30am or when the tail bike/runner has gone past.

We are well renowned for our large turn outs in the Black and Gold in the races we enter. For our own races we’d love you be part of the best High Viz Army going.

We need at least 50 volunteers to make the race a success and these roles can involve jobs such as, course set up and take down, registration and number collection along with those required at safety points out along the route. One lucky person will also be chosen to don our pudding costume!

How will you be rewarded? Well each of you will be given 100 club championship points along with the gratitude of the runners as they run past you. You will also get a free hot drink from Denis at Reallyawesomecoffee!

It is part of our club membership rules that entry into our own races is not allowed. That being said, the committee and I have decided that we will operate a ballot (subject to all volunteer roles being filled) for those who are able to volunteer and still want to race, provided that they can either.

A: Provide a volunteer on their behalf who is not a current member.

B: Help with the course set up and take down.

If we get as many volunteers as last year it is my hope to allow more than 10 of you to be able to run! You must put your name below in order to be in with a chance to run.

For those of us not running, we’ll be doing the traditional club BD5 + 1 run on the 27th (Time TBC)

If you can’t help on the day, other help in the run up and post race will also be needed for things like:

  • Lockup collection and drop off
  • Leaflet drop to local residents
  • Pre race day course check etc etc

You will see a few posts from now on re the BD5 so please keep your eyes peeled and thanks in advance for your help.

Marshall Volunteer – Boxing Day 5
    • James Attenborough – Available all Day
    • Owen Date – Available all Day
    • Celine Elson – Available all Day
    • Gary Elson (non member) – Available all Day
    • Maggie Mason – Available all Day
    • Clive Smith – Available all Day
    • Andrew Read – Available all Day
    • Sasha – Available all Day
    • Will – Available all Day
    • Fiona Collins – Set up/Take Down please
    • Annalise Tye – Available all Day
    • Karen Flowers – Available all Day
    • Scott Darney – Set up
    • Matt Jordan – Available all Day
    • Kerry T – Available all Day
    • Sam Hajder – Available all Day
    • Mick C – Available all Day
    • Simon Scott – Available all Day
    • Sarah Naughton – Available all Day
    • Leanne, Oliver and Marshall Andrews, – Available all Day
    • Damien walsh – Available all Day
    • Mark austin – Available all Day
    • Ian Lucas – Available all Day
    • Nicola Digby – Available all Day
    • Nadia Mcleod – Available all Day
    • Nick Looby and Louisa Looby – Race Marshall Only
    • Ann Johnson Last run marshall – Race Marshall Only
    • David mason – Race Marshall Only
    • Anthony Perkins (non member) – Race Marshall Only
    • Colin Short – Available all Day
    • Lysia & Paul Jiggins – Race Marshall Only
    • Ross Silverton – Car park duty
    • Angela Read – Available all Day
    • Katie Layley – Available all Day
    • Suzie Low – Available all Day
    • Stewart Waller – Available all Day
    • Simon Cresswell – Race Marshall Only
    • Nat Lilley – Available all Day
    • Gavin Laws – Available all Day
    • Andy Watson – Set up please
    • Hannah Watson – Set up please
    • David Grainger – Available all Day
    • Claudia Baba – Race Marshall Only
    • Dean Whittaker – Available all Day
    • David Carey – Set up
    • Mike Struthers – Available all Day
    • Zoe – Available all Day
    • Christine IJ – Available all Day
    • Steffan Doherty – Set up/Take Down please
    • Jodee – Available all Day
    • Liz Stuckey – Available all Day
    • Shane Ketteridge – Set Up – Set Up
    • Angela Wray – Available all Day
    • Zoe Coppin – Available all Day
    • Dionne Radley (Will) – Available all Day
    • Kevin Harper – Available all Day
    • Andrew Smith – Set up/Take Down please
    • Paul & Olivia and/or Jack McConnell – Race Marshall Only

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