Boxing Day 5 Roles and Times

21 December 2023 - By James Attenborough

Please see the below times and roles for the BD5. All Volunteers will be entitled to a one free drink from the coffee van.

If you are not listed, then feel free to double up on any Marshal/Volunteer position.

Please note that we have been asked to the keep the area quiet around Marshal point R (Owen Dare) as there is a horse in foal in that field who is easily spooked.

Thank you so much for your support.

BD5 Marshall Points

Boxing Day 5 Volunteer Requirements
Race Director 08:00 James Attenborough
Chief Marshal 08:00 Leanne Andrews Pudding 09:00 Karen Flowers
Lead Course setup 08:00 Andrew Read 09:00 Will Radley
Course Marshals HQ (In and Out) setup
A 09:00 Sasha Rush A 08:00 Hannah Watson
B 09:00 Sarah Naughton B 08:00 Andrew Watson
C 09:00 Simon Scott C 08:00 Fiona Collins
D 09:00 Nicola Digby D 08:00 Celine Elson
E 09:00 Colin Short
F 09:00 Nadia McLeod Post Finish
G 09:00 Katie Layley Water 10:00 Dionne Radley
H 09:00 Nick Looby Water 10:00 scout
I 09:00 Louisa Looby Water 10:00 scout
J 09:00 Simon Creswell Water 10:00 scout
K 09:00 Shane Ketteridge Water 10:00
L 09:00 Annalise Tye
M 09:00 Antony Perkins Runner registration and T Shirts
N 09:00 Mark Austin 1 car Number Collection A 09:00 Jodee Mayer
O 09:00 David Mason Number Collection B 09:00 Liz Stuckey
P 09:00 Maggie Mason Number Collection C 09:00 Angela Read
Q 09:00 Mike Struthers Number Collection D 09:00 Christine Israel-Jones
R 09:00 Owen Dare 1 Car Late Entries 09:00 Clive Smith
S 09:00 Sam Hajder
T 09:00 Matt Jordan Course Set Up
U 09:00 Gav Laws A 08:00 Andrew Read
V 09:00 Ian Lucas B 08:00 Scott Darney
W – START/FINISH 09:00 Lysia Jiggins C 08:00 Andrew Smith
X – START/FINISH 09:00 Natalie Lilley D 08:00 Damien Walsh
Y – START/FINISH 09:00 Suzie Low E 08:00 David Carey
Z – START/FINISH 09:00 Paul Jiggins F 08:00
Road to Rugby club 09:00 Stewart Waller
Lead Bike 09:00 Dean Whittaker A 08:00 Ross Silverton
Tail Runner 09:00 Ann Johnson B 08:00 Gary Elson
C 08:00 Kev Harper
D 08:00 Stewart Waller
E 08:00 Michael Conroy
F 08:00 Steffan Doherty
Baggage 08:30 Oliver Andrews
08:30 Marshall Andrews
08:30 Kerry Townsend
Chip cutters 10:20 Paul McConnell
10:20 Zoe Coppin
Photographer 08:45 David Grainger
Cleaning 1130-12-30 Angela Wray
1130-12-30 Michael Conroy
1130-12-30 Claudia Baba
1130-12-30 All

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