Behaviour when representing the club

28 March 2018 - By Marc Underdown

Last night it was unfortunately brought to my attention that one of the marshals at Saturday’s Essex Road Relays had reason to report inappropriate behaviour by one of our runners. The marshal clearly overheard our runner swearing at members of the public who were on the race route, and this would also have been heard by children.

In wearing your club vest, you are not only representing yourself, but also the club and its reputation. It goes without saying that we expect all our members to demonstrate respect for other runners, race officials, marshals, and members of the public.

Such matters can result in a runner being disqualified from the race in question. In the case of Essex races, their officials reserve the right to ban a runner from taking part in any Essex sanctioned event for this type of behaviour. As a club we also take these matters very seriously.

I take comfort from knowing that the overwhelming majority of our members will find the idea of such behaviour alien to them. I trust that you will continue to show the very best of what we do, and who you are, when representing our club.

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