BD 5+1 – Fact or Fiction?

27 December 2017 - By Martyn Byford

Well for those of you that stayed at home you missed a treat.

The sun shone and for 45 minutes we were blessed with a golden sun which shone brightly over Witham.

Led by the Chairman an army of finely tuned athletes made their way up to the start where after a few carefully chosen words he set us off on our way.

The sun continued to shine as we sped up Spa Road. Heydon and Dave Hunt were in serious danger of eclipsing yesterday’s sub 25 minute time as they headed  out of Witham past the Victoria towards Terling with a burning sun on their backs with the rest of us only able to watch as they disappeared in to the distance.

Before too long, and with the sun continuing to beat down Tracey and Emma crossed the finish line concluding another truly memorably BD5+1.

Pure fiction!

Well at least those mentioned were factually correct making up a total of 9 hardy soles that braved the snow blizzard and temperatures close to zero.

Unsurprisingly the course record remains intact for another 12 months.

Hopefully conditions will be kinder, although I doubt they could be worse, for Graham’s BD5+2 tomorrow.





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