Autumn/Winter Training Programme

11 August 2016 - By Rachel Pearsons

So, after some blood, sweat and tears the Autumn/Winter training programme is now completed with all coaches allocated to a session. My sincere thanks to all of them for giving up their valuable time to help us achieve our PBs.

Between now and the end of the year there is every distance race on offer from 5k’s to half marathons within the club champs. And not to mention the start of the cross country season!! Cake!!

With that in mind, the focus of training is based on a 10 mile race with a couple of speed sessions added. The programme includes hill training (up and down techniques), 800m reps, 400m reps, Fartlek and pyramid sessions. This will provide a good range of sessions suitable for all, which are easily adaptable for any distance.

The locations for the sessions are at the coaches discretion and they will be published within the ‘week ahead’. In addition to this, coaches will publish timings for training (where applicable) so that Garmin’s (other makes available!!) can be programmed in advance of the session.

Below is a link to the Thursday night training sessions so you can see the plan in advance up to the end of this year.

Thursday night sessions

Happy Running!


  1. Anita Grainger Anita Grainger says:

    Thanks – looks awesome. We’ll be fighting fit for cross country in our bid to stay up in Division A!

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