Alton Water Excursion

2 January 2017 - By Martyn Byford

Thanks to Anita for organising today’s trip down to Alton Water where some good preparation was put in for both the Benfleet 15 in 2 weeks and as part of the Spring Marathon Training Programme.

22 of us made the trip with over half carrying on after the 7.5 one lap circuit to add on a bit more.

Gold stars to Anita, Clare, Becky, Haley, Vicky, Charlotte, Paul T and Heydon who completed 2 circuits.

There will be a further trip closer to those Spring 26.2 milers so watch this space!!


  1. Becky Grimwood Becky Grimwood says:

    Um….correction, I did 12 miles (so not 2 laps). That was enough for me!
    Thanks for organising Anita.

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