– Fraud & Card Cloning

30 November 2017 - By James Blackshaw

There is reason to believe that users of the sport event website have been having their credit & debit cards cloned, and having their bank accounts used fraudulently.

This isn’t 100% verified yet, but there seems to be an general consensus on many running forums that are to blame.

Three members of WRC have recently had fraudulent activity on their accounts/cards, and there is every reason to believe that this could be due to booking races with Pleshey, Stebbing and the Essex 20 all have their entry fees processed through, so it could affect more of us. A colleague at my work with whom I did Race To The Stones (also processed via had $0.50 debited to a US account, and then £3500 debited to a German account.

Stay vigilant.

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