A new Club Standards reference

5 June 2018 - By James Crisp

A new function has now been added to the Club Standards page to help you understand what you need to achieve for each target.


Club Standards filter


All Standard times listed per category

A new filter has been added so you can now display a standard (E.g. Silver) for your age so that it displays all of the distances against that standard.

E.g. If you define Male and V40 and then filter by Silver Standard it will list all of the target times for that Standard (as shown).


Pace per mile (average)

An additional column has also been added to display the average pace per mile you would need to run to achieve that particular target finish time.


Please give it a try!


More website improvements to be announced soon…


  1. Anita Grainger Anita Grainger says:

    Hi Crispy, It doesn’t seem to be working on the ladies standards

  2. James Crisp James Crisp says:

    If not working your browser cache might need to be refreshed. Once you select a distance, a further dropdown menu should appear for selection. Let me know if you can’t get it to work…

  3. Becky Grimwood Becky Grimwood says:

    Fab thanks! All works fine on my phone.

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