5k Handicap Race – 13/07/17

10 July 2017 - By James Kennerley

Hi all.

This Thursday is the final race in the 5k series and also happens to be the handicap race. For those of you not in the know, competitors will be set off at intervals based on previous performance with a view that they all cross the finish line at roughly same time. This levels the playing field in terms of ability and rewards those who make the most significant improvements on the day. There is usually PBs galore on the handicap race, so if you are aiming to beat that momentous milestone, Thursday may be your day! Awards for the 5k series and the handicap race result will be presented on the day, after the race.

You need to have raced in one of the 3 previous 5k races this summer at Kelvedon to qualify for this handicap race.

Therefore, competing runners only: Please sign on from 7pm at the Angel PH. Registration will close at 7.30pm. If you already have a number, please make sure you still sign in otherwise we don’t know you are there and you won’t receive a start time! First competing runner will set off at 7:45(ish). If you have not raced at least 1 of the previous 3 races this summer, please do not register or obtain a number as this will cause issues with the scoring algorithm.

New to running runners:I have had requests from the new to running team for the new to running runners to be able to run the race. In order to keep it fair to those who have qualified already, and to make my life a bit more simpler in calculating the start times and final positions, I would suggest those who have not qualified but wish to run the course on Thursday can do so but they will not be issued a race number and will not received a finish time. My proposal is the new to running runners will set off around 5 minutes before the main race. Please check with your coach Becky regarding this.

If you can marshal, please let me know – ideally via replying to the Facebook posting regarding this, but more traditional means of communication are also acceptable.

If you are staying for food, please order before the race as per usual.

I may or may not be there on Thursday depending on new born baby factors (still waiting on their arrival any day now!). I’ll let you know who will be the stand in race director in due course.

Many thanks, James.

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