5k Club Records and PB’s

25 June 2018 - By Tony Wallen

As the race season is starting to hot up, the winter training is starting to pay off with members fitter and faster. As a result, it is likely that new personal bests (pb’s) and Club records will be set. It is, therefore, an opportune time to remind members of the rules governing these.

For all distances above 5k, the course must be officially measured and certified.

5k’s are slightly different as, historically, there weren’t many races to choose from and the internal club time-trials have always formed an integral part of the club’s training program. The club has used several courses over the years, including two on Peg Millers Lane; one based at The Square & Compasses, Fuller Street; one based at The Sportsman’s Arms, Nounsley; and the current course at the Angel, Kelvedon. We also have the winter course around Freebournes industrial estate and Braintree track.

Only the Angel and Braintree are officially measured while the other courses were measured by members of the club using either multiple Garmins, bike computers or measuring wheels. As a club, we are confident enough with the accuracy of all of the WRC courses that we will continue to recognise all times set on any of our courses as being valid, both for pb’s and for club records. This includes all historical times and any future performances on either the Angel course, Braintree track or the Freebournes course.

For times set at non-WRC 5k races, the course must be officially measured and certified to be accepted.

If you require any clarification on the above, please contact either me or Marc.

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