53-12 Race 4 Sunday 22nd Jan Ipswich – Lets Keep the Momentum Going

15 January 2017 - By Anita Grainger

Okay so we’re onto race 4 and raring to start off the second half of the league how we finished off the first half before Christmas. The fourth fixture is on Sunday 22nd January.

Having successfully continued our quest to remain in Division A we go into the fourth fixture in 3rd place which is fantastic. We need to stay above 6th to stay up.

Venue = Wherstead, Ipswich. Parking at Suffolk Food Hall IP9 2AB

Race start time 10.45am – aim to be there by 10am

All runners must wear club shirts/vests. Trail shoes or spikes recommended & spare shoes for afterwards. This is a great course for spikes if you have them.

No registration needed just turn up – make sure you check in with James K or me.

Each finisher will be handed a voucher which can be exchanged for a tea or coffee from 11.20.

Runners should leave their bags either in their cars or in the Cookery School during the race. After the race, runners entering the building should first change into clean footwear.

Cake has been organised – thanks Liz

More info on the 53-12 league website below


See you there!


Reposting my post from 16th October with more info on the league:

Cross Country League is fast approaching … your club needs you!

Following last season’s success the club now finds itself in Division A of the 53-12 League for this season. We’d like to stay up in Division A, something that has evaded the club over the years, so, for those who like a challenge (I know I do) we need as many runners as available for the fixtures to improve our success. Dates are listed below for your diaries


  • 6th Nov Colchester
  • 4th Dec Harwich
  • 11th Dec Halstead (Gosfield Woods)
  • 22 Jan Ipswich
  • 29 Jan Springfield
  • 19 Feb Witham (Notley Country Park – Discovery Centre)


Scoring, now this is where it gets complicated, is as follows;

First man or woman scores 1 point, second 2 points, third 3 points …….. through to the last finisher.

Men and women are scored separately although we all run together.

Pool A scoring teams – 8 men and 4 women. Overall team score is aggregate of men’s and women’s scores – example 4th and 1st = 5 points.


Now I hear you ask what if you’re not in the first 8 men or first 4 women, well……..

  • Firstly we need to have as many as possible to support our scoring members.
  • Secondly your position may well knock down scoring runners from other clubs in increase the points counting against them & in our favour ( this is the complicated bit). This is where EVERYONE matters.
  • Thirdly there’s cake! We do a cake rota and there’s always plenty to go round.
  • Fourthly cross country will help to improve your road racing times.
  • Finally it’s a great atmosphere and good to catch up with our club mates.


In preparation Martyn has put on a couple of training sessions on Sat 22 & 29 October – see separate post


Any questions please approach James & I. We look forward to seeing you at the first race


Anita Grainger & James Kennerley

Ladies & Mens Captains

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