53-12 Cross Country – Thank you

1 November 2015 - By James Crisp

Firstly many thanks to everyone who marshalled today on what turned out to be a glorious day for running and marshalling.

We had 42 marshalls who gave up their time and without who we could not have put the day on. I shouldn’t really but a special mention to DJ, Tracey, Mr Chairman and Penny who were there from the Park opening.

Excellent work also from our Head Coach TC who had 100 Juniors in the Junior race. In the Seniors there were 105 women and 187 men and the good news is that not all cashed in their raffle tickets so we should hear the Treasurer report a small profit on the day!!

I did get asked if the gentleman handing out tokens had come straight from an all night Halloween Party!! No doubt photos will appear in the Gallery shortly!!

See you all Tuesday.


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