3/8 Thursday Speed Development – Parklife!

1 August 2023 - By David Jobling

This Thursday it’s the ever popular “Parklife” session with a big nod and massive kudos to former chairman and coach Martyn Byford who originally introduced this one of his favourites to us.

Meet 7.30pm warmed up and ready to start at usual spot in the smaller of the two Witham parks (///hothouse.enormous.utter).

The session continues getting us used to running at speed and recovering which we’ll do by running repetitions around the two adjacent Witham parks and recovering by walking the connecting 150m footpath for about 30 minutes – one park is 400m and the other 450m ish so pace guidance is around or under 5k, for timing or Garmin perspective it’s one “for the button”.

Max and I look forward to meeting up with everyone on Thursday.

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