Virtual Speed Development – Moneghetti Fartlek

9 June 2020 - By David Jobling

For speed development this week it’s a Moneghetti Fartlek session, one we’ve done a few times now with members also adopting it into their own plans. It’s a first outing tho as a virtual session in lockdown – please adhere to and respect all current government and social distancing guidelines.

For those of you who’ve not come across it before, it’s a tried and tested workout named after the famous Australian long distance runner Steve Moneghetti. Steve boasts a Marathon PB of 2:08:16 and a Half Marathon best of 60:06 – amongst other things he’s been a winner at Olympic & Commonwealth Marathons, The Great North Run and holds the record for Sydney’s iconic City to Surf race.

He created this workout in the 80’s and it’s a staple part of his training even to this day. The beauty of the workout is that it’s a short 20 minute continuous workout and is adaptable to cater for all – please tho be cautious if you have been feeling unwell, recovering from any recent injury and are coming back to fitness.

After an initial warm up run, your choice say 1M – 1.5M, please complete some warm up drills to gradually increase heart rate to prepare for the session main part – some graduated skipping, walking lunges, knee raises, heel flicks, some short speedbuilder run bursts or perhaps some fast feet on the spot?

So after warm up and drills, here’s the session itself and it’s is easily programmable into Garmin (as below pic) or other devices:

2 x 90 seconds effort / 90 seconds recovery
4 x 60 seconds effort / 60 seconds recovery
4 x 30 seconds effort / 30 seconds recovery
4 x 15 seconds effort / 15 seconds recovery

The effort pace should be just under or around 5k pace and the aim is to maintain 5k pace or progress to a faster pace if you are able to.

You will choose your recovery pace as this will dictate how hard it will be for you to maintain your speed in the efforts. Starting with 1 being the hardest, your recovery options are as follows:

1. Floating Recovery – slightly slower than 5k pace (between 5m and 10k pace)
2. Race pace recovery – Half marathon pace or marathon pace
3. Jogging recovery – easy jogging
4. Walking recovery

After completing the 20 minute session main part, please cool down with a slow recovery run/jog, again 1M-1.5M and some static stretching – a foam roller can be a great help with this if you have one.

Please let me know if I can help with any questions you may have beforehand or any feedback afterwards – I hope you enjoy the session. DJ.

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