Thursday Speed Development – 21/04/2022 – Hill Session

20 April 2022 - By Maxine Leech

Hi Everyone, hope you all had a great Easter Break – Max and I look forward to seeing some of you at this Thursday’s session which will be as follows:

A hill session around Armond, Chelmer and Cromwell (figure of eight) starting at 7.30 pm

This will consist of:
1 minute effort-1 minute recovery
2 minute effort-1 minute recovery
3 minute effort-1 minute recovery
4 minute effort-2 minute recovery

This way with the figure of eight around the 3 roads some of your efforts will be uphill, some will be downhill and some a bit of both.
After the 4 minute run/2 minute recovery we will then change the direction of the run and reverse the times. So starting with the 4 minute run and going back down to the 1 minute. The changing run times with the same recovery time (for 3 of the 4 efforts) will mean you will have to consciously focus on your pace as it should change for every effort and is a great opportunity for you to test your lactate threshold and recovery powers.

As always park responsibly and aim to have a warm up jog to the venue.

The meeting point will be next to the River Walk at the bottom of Armond Road.

We will of course go over the above and do some drill before we commence the session.


Speed Development Session
    • Lisa Leader, Marshall
    • Shane Ketteridge- Marshall
    • Colsey
    • Colsey – marshal
    • Leanne Andrews Run
    • Karen Flowers, Marshall
    • Andrew Read – Marshall
    • Angela Read, Marshall
    • Sarah Naughton – Marshall
    • Céline Marshall
    • Beth Shippey- Marshall
    • Fiona Collins – Run
    • Wally-run
    • Nadia – run
    • Lucy _ run
    • Clive Smith
    • Damien and Luca Walsh (both to Marshall)
    • James Montgomery – Marshall
    • Steffan Doherty (Run)
    • Geoff Reddin run
    • Nick O’Hare
    • Dawn Shilling – Run
    • Maggie Mason Run

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